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Online Blackjack Today has thoroughly researched all of the sites listed here as well as hundreds of others. We have shortlisted the established and most trustworthy ones that Canadian players love to play blackjack with live dealers. If you’re also interested in equipping yourself with a basic understanding of the game, you’re in the right place. We’ve prepared a guide for you to help you get the skill and practice to increase chances to beat the casino.

Popular Blackjack Games at Zodiac Casino


Live Dealer Blackjack Casino: Yukon Gold Casino

4.8/5 (257 votes)

150 chances to win $1 MILLION

+ 100% bonus up to $150

  • Live dealer from Evolution Gaming
  • Great variety of blackjack titles
  • Talk to the dealer in live chat
  • Play regular or VIP tables

Popular Blackjack Games at Yukon Gold Casino


Live Dealer Blackjack Casino: Casino Classic

4.7/5 (197 votes)

40 chances to become an instant millionaire

for just $1

+ 100% Match Bonus Up to $200

  • Wide range of betting limits
  • Interact with dealers on live chat
  • Impressive customer support
  • Play mobile blackjack live

Popular Blackjack Games at Casino Classic

Live Dealer Blackjack Overview

Blackjack is one of the simplest games, and it remains the ultimate favorite for millions of players. Its digitized version is very similar to the land casino experience. Thanks to virtual betting tables and dealers, you can experience the full excitement of the game right from the comfort of your home.

General Layout

Visually, the game stays true to the old-school format. Before each round, you use some time to think through your bet before placing it. Once drawing commences, no new wagers are allowed.

There is a dealer behind the table. This character draws and lays down the cards, which come from the shoe. They are laid face up. The presence of other players contributes to the overall feel of a genuine casino community.

Basic Rules

Although you may hear that the ultimate goal is scoring 21, this is true for neither real-life nor digital blackjack. This number does, indeed, express the best score possible. However, it is not so simple to attain.

You should not be trying to achieve it every single round. The actual objective is to beat the card total from the dealer. Your hand is “bust” whenever its total value exceeds 21. This means the bet is lost.

Card Values

All numbered cards have values identical to their numbers. All face cards have identical values (10). These are Jacks, Kings, and Queens. For instance, a combination of a 3 and a 7 gives you 10 in total value. At the same time, drawing a Jack (worth 10) along with a 10. In this case, the total hand value is 20.

The value of any Ace depends on the other cards you have and the way you play. There are two possible values, 1 and 11. For example, an Ace drawn along with a 2 will give you 13 in total. On the other hand, if you happen to get a 10, the value of the Ace will be reduced to 1 in order for you to avoid “bust” (since you already have 23 in hand value).

Player Strategies

Once your cards are drawn, there is a number of patterns. These should be known to any blackjack neophyte.


Here, you ask the dealer for one extra card in order to boost the total value. There are no limits on frequency, as long as you avoid busting.


Standing, or sticking with your hand and rejecting more cards, makes sense when there is already a natural blackjack available (e.g., you have a 10 and an Ace valued at 11).


This technique is applied to pairs of cards. For instance, splitting a pair of two 8s into two gives you a set of two hands and an opportunity to double the winnings, along with doubling the risks. It is obligatory to match the original bet of the original hand on the new hand.

Doubling Down

This is what happens with the size of your initial bet in exchange for one extra card only. At this point, hitting is no longer possible. This may be allowed for certain hands only.

Insurance bet

This becomes possible on the condition that an Ace is drawn as the dealer’s first card. Here, you bet that the subsequent card will have a value of 10, which means a natural blackjack.

Payouts Explained

One thing distinguishing blackjack is its straightforward payout system. Since the ratio is 1:1, 5 dollars wagered gets you 10 dollars back. A natural blackjack normally ramps the proportion up to 3:2. Timely insurance gives a win of 2:1. This translates into hefty payouts!


80 chances to become an instant millionaire

for just $1

+ Up to $480 in extra match bonuses

150 chances to win $1 MILLION

+ match bonus up to $150

40 chances to become an instant millionaire

for just $1

+ 100% Match Bonus Up to $200

Get 80 chances to win

for just $1