Official Rules

First of all, it is necessary to understand how to play blackjack. One of the main issues is scoring. The goal of the game is to score 21 points. Victory will be credited to you even if you collect less than this amount. However, in this situation, the dealer’s hand should be weaker than yours. If from the first hand, one of the rivals has an ace and a dozen, then he or she is immediately declared the winner. After all, this combination is the strongest and is called a blackjack.

The number of players in Blackjack is limited only by the number of boxes (betting fields), which depends on the variety of this game. In the traditional version, there are 7 of them. So, you can make a similar number of bets if you play alone online. The main thing is that their total amount does not exceed the limit on bets in the casino of your choice. The game for each involved box takes place alternately, which does not allow you to get confused.

When bets are placed, the cards are automatically shuffled. After this, they are distributed between players. In the usual version of blackjack, two cards are issued for each box. The dealer receives cards in the same amount. Moreover, the player can see one of his cards. Due to what the player can evaluate his or her own strength to a certain extent. Then you can do the following:

  • Double – double the amount delivered. After that, the player receives another card.
  • Triple – make an additional bet after a double, which should be equal to the original one. Due to this, the player has the opportunity to get an additional card. Before playing, make sure that Triple is not forbidden in the selected online casino. Some gambling houses purposely refuse it to reduce the chances of an enthusiast to win.
  • Surrender – completion of the game with the loss of half the bet. However, such a move will not be possible if the dealer has an ace open.
  • Insurance – purchase of insurance. Such a move is possible when the dealer got an ace. Thus, the player is insured against blackjack at the dealer. The amount of insurance is half of the original rate. It brings a win in the amount of 2:1 if the dealer still has the strongest combination.

You should also be aware that you have the right to refuse to take cards. Often, a player has from 18 to 20 points in his or her hands, which makes the double move inappropriate, as it can lead to a bust. And here it is important to have an idea of ​​what 22 in Blackjack means. This is nothing but a player’s defeat. According to the rules of this game, if you have more than 21 points on your hands, then your opponent will immediately lose.

What is a blackjack hit? This means that you wish to take an additional card. This term is used when playing with a live dealer. It is also worth immediately finding out what 21 + 3 means. This is a side rate. It is valid only in the classic European blackjack 21 + 3 and makes it possible to bet that you will have a poker hand in your hand. It will be paid according to the rules of the three-card poker.

Now let’s move on to the odds. They are always available on the payout table. The combination of blackjack is paid at a rate of 3: 2. In other cases, the player receives a win calculated at a ratio of 1:1.

How to Split Cards

Split is one of the most important rules of the game. How to play blackjack using this advantage? Everything is quite simple: if the user of the online gambling institution receives two identical cards in his hands, then he can divide them into 2 hands. To do this, click on the “Split” button, and also make an additional bet. As a result, cards are dealt alternately to each of the hands – the further game is conducted in standard mode.

Important! You need to remember the fact that you can get 22 points. A similar combination is obtained provided that the player got 2 Aces. In some casinos, it is considered as Golden Blackjack and the gambler receives additional bonuses when such a combination occurs. If desired, you can divide Aces into 2 hands but after that, you can get only one card.

In any online casino, a split is performed only 1 time – even if the same cards will appear again, they can no longer be divided.

Double Down

Doubling blackjack bets is when you double your initial bet after receiving the first two cards. After the cards are dealt, you will be given the opportunity to double the bets if it is allowed by the rules. If you win when doubling, you will get double the size of your initial bet. Doubling rules vary at different casinos. It is always best to know the rules of the casino regarding doubling.

Today, in most casinos, players are allowed to double any two first cards. Some casinos are still limited to doubling with a score of 9, 10 or 11. In such establishments, you can only double if your first two cards have such an amount in total. In addition, most casinos are allowed to double after pair separation. Again, there are casinos that do not allow doubles after splitting, so check the rules of the institution first.

After you decide to double the bets and add the amount of the initial bet, you will receive one card, which will be placed across the first two. You can no longer perform actions with this combination. The amount that you will get with an additional card is the amount with which you must continue to play. You cannot draw a card after doubling. You have to stop.

Blackjack Card Counting

In order to master blackjack, it is very important for the player to know how many points each card brings. Then it will be very easy for you to evaluate your hand, the strengths of your opponents and make up further tactics of the game. But first of all, remember that in Blackjack the color of the suit of cards is not taken into account, only their value is important. According to it, you are awarded points as follows:

  • cards from 2 to 10 – points are assigned based on their face value;
  • Jack, Queen, King – 10 points each;
  • ace – 1 or 11 points (this is very important to know before playing blackjack. The rules of the game make it possible to defeat an opponent using this card in some cases).

Hi-Lo is one of the most popular online blackjack strategies based on card counting. The effectiveness of this system does not need additional evidence but in order to understand its application, it is important to understand the basic principles.

  • Higher cards are beneficial to the player. The more senior cards in the deck are, the higher the likelihood that the dealer will not reach the amount of 21 points due to the fact that he will not be able to take additional cards. And, of course, in this case, the probability of getting blackjack increases, which means that the player’s advantage increases significantly.
  • Lower cards are profitable for online casinos. The fewer tens and aces there are, the lower the probability of collecting blackjack from two cards is, which is preferred for the player because of the maximum benefit. Therefore, if the main bulk of the face cards and tens came out, the user should return to the minimum rates, having waited for the dangerous period and not wasting their money in vain.

How to win at blackjack in a casino? Closely monitor the discarded cards to assess how profitable the game will be. It is important to remember that not one, but 4-6 decks are used, therefore, it is never necessary to draw hasty conclusions. But still, it’s worth joining a big game only when the main indicators have already been determined and possible outcomes can be predicted.

The principle of counting cards in online blackjack is quite simple to understand. Many players have a question about how to count blackjack cards and how to win? It is simply impossible to remember all the combinations that are discarded and this is absolutely not required. In practice, a fairly simple but effective scheme is used, for which even a calculator is not needed. Calculations are easy to keep in mind. But for the beginning, stock up on paper and a pen so as not to get confused.

According to the Hi-Lo system, each card is assigned a point value:

  • Up to 6 is +1
  • 10 to Ace is -1

All other cards are considered as 0 since their presence or absence in the deck is not so critical. That’s all, it remains only to count, considering each drawn card. After several batches, the result usually has a clear bias in the negative or positive direction. If it is positive, you need to make large bets, because small cards are discarded and there are tens and aces in the deck, which the player needs. If the value is negative, then it’s worth returning to the minimum amounts, because the probability of winning under such conditions will decrease significantly.


In most casinos, the process of withdrawing your money is really simple and user-friendly. You can save money on your account, and it is really convenient because there is no need to withdraw your winnings after each session. It is also worth noting that most platforms have withdrawal minimum amounts so, don’t forget about it when deciding to get your money.


Before playing blackjack for money, you must definitely thoroughly master this game and gain experience. Without this, winning in card games will be extremely difficult. You risk losing your entire game bank without the ability to at least partially win it back. But how do you learn to play blackjack? To do this, go to the online casino and run your favourite version of Blackjack in a free mode. It opens up a huge number of advantages for the player, and we will focus on three main of them:

  • You can fully understand how to play this card game.
  • You will get all the necessary skills, which for the dealer means reducing his chances of winning.
  • You can polish your basic game strategy.

The essence of online and regular blackjack is the same. That’s why having mastered such a game as the online version, you can easily play it at home with your friends and family. You will even have the opportunity to cheat, which is completely unacceptable in an online casino. However, many still choose to play Blackjack online. There are many reasons for this and most importantly – you can start the game at any time. If you are attracted to blackjack online, learn the rules without delay and get the necessary experience in order to win in card games soon.